To be a single contact for a wide range of attire style and quality merchandise around the globe.
With continual innovations, Doyen sees itself as a leader in the apparel sector by creating synergy between product quality and management excellence.
The Company’s goal is to make world-class apparel source and to maintain the customer’s commitment. We shall contribute to a more secure and sustainable manufacturing environment through innovative management, standardized QA, utmost concentration on workers’ health, No disturbance to the Environment, maintenance & beyond.


Customized solutions to global clients must be provided as per their requirements and to achieve consistent high-quality levels and on-time delivery schedules, through a team of committed personnel and a proven set of vendors with world-class manufacturing facilities.
Only to operate without compromising on quality, delivery, and profitability
Also to provide our clients with efficient and effective sourcing solution for their requirements. This includes taking a lead role in structuring and executing transactions that benefit our clients and help their business growth.

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- Exclusive workmanship
- Extensive research on all products and vendors so that we can offer you the best choice.
- Sharp lead-time and timely delivery.
- Most competitive prices for the best possible quality.
- Self-motivated staffs that care for the company image and put the customer as his top priority.
- A representative of the buyer, eyes, and ears for the buyer, 24 hours a day.
- Continue feedback to you of new fabrics and garment developments.
- Self-initiated efforts to continually improve the quality of your products.

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We are engaged in production, sourcing, inspecting, and expediting new Textile products on behalf of our international clients, to the assuring highest standard of quality with several intermediate inspections during production. Our experience and expertise assist our clients in negotiating best deals by acquiring competitive prices. We also guarantee and monitor the high standard of quality, quantity and on time delivery of goods. We have the expertise needed to fill the requirements of our customer’s considerable insight and specialist knowledge is essential, to be in a position to advise customers to ensure they get top quality at the right price. Based on the stipulations of the customer, we work out a brief together with our suppliers to achieve the optimum solution. ards

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Doyen never compromises on efficient services such as:
- Immediate feedback/reply to customer’s inquiries & questions.
- Competitive Prices in prompt action and service, - Continuous / Follow-up monitoring of each order from raw material till the final
packing by the Quality Assurance team,
- Customers keep on to be posted with all developments taking place at our end to avoid hassle at the last stage.
- Final Inspection at loading for compliance of given standards,

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